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Welcome to the official website of Praděd 100

Few worlds

Praděd´s one hundred kilometr trail was established in 2012 as a race in Jeseníky Mts, where the classical 100km

trail was missing till then. The trace would not be the same each year, but the emphasis to the main

Jeseník edge (so from Ramzová, through Červenohorské sedlo, Praděd summit to pass Skřítek),

will remain. Because of the great beauty of this edge, we want that the participant will enjoy it in

daylight. Therefore we decided to start the race in the Saturday morning; although the tradition is to

start in the Friday evening, in Czech. This trail is linear, so the start and the finish are not in the same

place. We hope you enjoy our trail!!!


Basic information

Date: 28.-29. 9. 2019

Start: Elementary school in Česká Ves, Makarenkova 414, 6:00 saturday

Place of presentation: Elementary school in Česká Ves, where you can also oversleep for free in own sleeping bag. Arrival on Friday evening highly recommended. All competitors get the detailed itinerary and card for recording control points during race. Presentation in the saturday morning will be possible only in special cases!

Time limit: 30 hours, it means until 12 am on Sunday.

Finish: The same as start.

Start fee: 500,- Kč

Transport baggages from start to finish is provided by organizators.

Transport people between start and finish and on the entire route IS NOT provided!

Every competitors starts at your own risk!

Part of the Czech-Slovak one thousand and czechoslovak cup in ultratrail 2019!